Vegan for SDGs

BS Asahi Baton Pass

Vegan diet Suitable for SDGs

BS Asahi Baton Pass
November 30, 2020 broadcast

We are planning and producing "Vegan" as a new food style, and BS Asahi's program "Baton Touch" featured "Vegan", which is closely related to SDGs.

It may not make much sense to say that "Vegan" is closely related to the SDGs.

However, "Vegan diet" can be said to be a barrier-free diet that can be eaten by people who cannot eat meat due to religion, principle, or health.

In addition, if there is an increase in vegetarian diets and a decrease in meat-eating habits throughout society, it will be possible to distribute the vast amounts of water, grain, land and energy consumed by the livestock industry to regions that are in short supply.

In terms of the environment, "Vegan" is a food style suitable for SDGs.

There are various issues, but I would like to realize a sustainable world through "Vegan".

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