Company Profile


We are the ones who run Minna no Gohan Inc.

Representative Director,CEO,Chief,Executive Officer,Producer

Kanji Iwatani

A vegan entrepreneur born out of music

Moved from Kyoto to Tokyo in 2006 to pursue music. He became a vegan during his music career, and later founded a non-profit organization and worked energetically alongside his music career, but ended his music career in 2012. The advanced thinking, sense, and inquisitiveness cultivated through music activities are still alive and well today, even after establishing Minna no Gohan Inc.

Vegan Food Creator

Yoshiko Hondo

Vegan chefs bringing peace to the world

A professional vegan chef who is active in the concept of "Japanese vegan cuisine". In order to realize his vision of "world peace through food," he founded "Chef Troupe Without Borders" and while working to spread "food that brings friends to all people" that transcends race and national borders", he is also in charge of the food development department of Minna no Gohan Inc.