Let's go on a Food Exploration Journey
Ishii Food × Minna no Gohan

Earth Day, one of the world's largest global environmental festivals, is held in 175 countries around the world. In Tokyo, the festival is held annually as "Earth Day Tokyo" with Yoyogi Park as the main venue. In 2019, Minna no Gohan and Ishii Food jointly planned a food exhibition booth called "FOOD QUEST".

Proposal of Sustainable Food Culture

In an area of 100 square meters, the project proposed veganism as an option for "food diversity, especially environmentally friendly food". The food area was designed with an eye toward creating a structure that would allow visitors to get hints about "What kind of food culture can we leave for future children in the name of exploring food?"

studio IrodorI
Hirotaka Isshiki

The architectural design was created by Hirotaka Isshiki of the first-class architect office "studio IrodorI. The "FOOD QUEST" area was designed to be a sustainable area that stands out in the venue, using pallets made of scrap wood.